Amazon Agency Case Studies

Our Amazon Agency Case Studies

Here are a few of our Amazon Agency success stories. If you aren’t ranking well or selling as much on Amazon as you’d like we may be able to help. Let us do a free listing review to see if there may be some things you could improve.

Let us add your business to our list of successful case studies.

Amazon Agency Case Study - Sports and Fitness

Case Study 1 – MMA Retailer

A mixed martial arts clothing and equipment retailer had a disorganized and poorly managed Amazon catalog and a lack of Amazon knowledge which prevented them from maximizing their Amazon Sales.

Year over Year Amazon sales up over by 1,169%


11X Amazon sales improvement over same month from the prior year.

Amazon Conversion Rate Increased Near 3x

Increased conversion rate almost 3x (380%) from .41% to 1.22%

Amazon Buy Box Percentage Doubled

Through utilizing Amazon best practices we were able to move client’s Buy Box % from 23% to 56%

Amazon SEO Ranking – 1st Page

Increased search placement for valuable keyword ‘Jiu Jitsu Gi,’ moving from page 7 to front page placement.

Amazon Agency Case Study - clothing category

Case Study 2 – Medical Scrubs Retailer

An online Medical Scrubs Retailer with no knowledge of Amazon selling and marketing and virtually no Amazon brand presence.

Month over Month Sales up 185%

July 2018 Amazon Sales up 185% over prior Month

3x Increase in Amazon customer sessions

After numerous channel improvements including revamping imagery and product descriptions that took into account Amazon keyword research, we saw a 3x increase in customer sessions.

Amazon Advertising = Profitable Sales Growth

70% of sales with Amazon Advertising at an ACoS of 10.98%

Ecommerce Agency Case Study

Case Study 3 – Ecommerce Sales Site

A brick and mortar ticket seller needed to expand their business to sell online and develop several new ecommerce sales sites for their online sales offerings.

Over 2 Million in Sales in Year 1

Custom code integration with 3rd party API

Custom code integration and installation to interface with existing inventory management and calendar based 3rd party API system.

Successful launch and optimization of PPC campaign

With Cross-Domain analytics integration and 10:1 ROAS on ad spend.