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Top 5 most valuable services from Amazon consulting firms

1) Manage your Amazon Advertising

Even if you are well versed in PPC and display advertising on other platforms such as Google or Facebook you may find that your skills do not translate onto the amazon marketing platform. That’s because there are a few hidden challenges when marketing on Amazon. For example did you know that driving too much traffic to your Amazon listing can be counterproductive and actually reduce your organic ranking on Amazon? While Amazon is basically a giant search engine much like Google, it’s behavior and algorithm isn’t the same. If Amazon sees a lot of traffic going to your listing that doesn’t convert, Amazon will assume people don’t like your product and drop your organic ranking. So a bad campaign can actually damage your brand. A good Amazon consulting firm will understand this and many more tips, tricks and pitfalls associated with advertising on Amazon to promote your listings

2) Fix Difficult Listing Problems

Did you know that sometimes our amazon consultants actually understand more about the inner workings of Amazon Seller Central than the person answering your support case? If you think about it it makes sense, we’ve opened literally hundreds of cases over many years on behalf of our clients. Sometimes we explain to the call center operator what the process is to fix the problem. Maybe they are new on the job? Who knows? But it happens all the time.

3) Improve your Organic Ranking

A good Amazon consulting firm will be sure to do keyword research for your product and category to be sure you’re ranking organically for the terms that translate into maximum sales. How is this done? Through adding the right terms in the right place in your body copy, your headlines, bullet points and product titles. In addition to that your pricing, images, info gfx, reviews, and stock all have to be managed correctly. Did you know that running out of stock can actually damage your ranking on Amazon? Or that your ranking will be damaged by the wrong kind of marketing campaigns? We make it simple and assist you with all of this and more.

4) Optimize Your Listings

See number 3 above, optimized listings mean good organic ranking. Do you know which of your competitors is on page 10 of amazon? Neither do we, you might as well be on page 1000.

Also, good listings convert into sales

5) Increase Overall Sales and Profitability

We understand the point is profitability and ROI.

A good Amazon consulting firm pays for itself. Even after our fees, which are very competitive, you will end up profiting more from your Amazon sales vs. if you tried to do it yourself. We’ve seen it many times. So please give us a call for a free consultation to see if we can help you sell more on Amazon, or click on the ‘Free Consultation’ button above.

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