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Just like other ecommerce platforms, content is King. Creating the right type of content could be the difference between making the sale or a customer just clicking through. G Creative will write content that will showcase the product as well as telling your brand story and our expert design and advertising staff can also assist with logos, photography, infographics and more. 

49% of all ecommerce sales now go through Amazon.

Selling and branding on Amazon is a must. If you are not on Amazon yet here are some things to consider.


  • More the half of online shoppers will start their search on Amazon.
  • Over 64% of households have Amazon Prime.
  • 40% of Amazon Prime members will spend more than $1,000 in a year on the marketplace.
  • Amazon Prime globally has over 100 million users.
  • The number of Amazon Prime Video have reached over 26 million watchers  
  • 51% of holiday shopping is done on Amazon.
  • More than ⅓ of dollars spent on Black Friday where on Amazon.
  • There is between $100 – $500 spent annually by more than 72% of Amazon shoppers on the marketplace.


Branding on Amazon, taken to the next level.

Brands can no longer afford not to be on Amazon. The number of customers is growing, driving more consumers away from brands websites and to the one stop shop that is Amazon marketplace. Some brands have started to create Amazon specific brands or product lines in order to compete with the prices and build overall brand awareness.   

The one thing brands struggle with is understanding how to use Amazon in the way that is best for their business. Building a strategy geared towards growth on the Amazon platform looks different for every brand. At G Creative we’ve helped several brands establish themselves on the Amazon platform and have seen great results. We have been able to crack the code of marketing both on and off the Amazon platform to develop strategies that work.


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Content is king on the web and Amazon is no exception.Amazon provides general guidelines to follow to when developing content. The Amazon style guides can be found  here. Each category has its own guidelines and is displayed differently on the Amazon platform so it’s important to understand what template you are uploading your product into and how it will display. You can find the templates for specific categories at here.

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