Could you be Selling More on Amazon?

Could you be selling more on Amazon?

Take this quiz and find out:

Sell More On Amazon

Here are a few questions to answer to see whether you could be selling more on Amazon. If you don’t know the answers we can help. 

A FREE 10-minute phone consultation will determine whether there’s room for sales improvement. Take the quiz below:

Could I Sell More on Amazon?

1) Are my listings optimized?

If your listings, your images, your product title, and your bullet points aren’t properly optimized you won’t rank as well as you could be.

2) Am I targeting the right keywords in my listings and bullet points?

We research several data points to determine which keywords are the best to target for each listing. It’s important to understand search volume, CPC and search intent when targeting keywords. If you rank well for a related keyword that doesn’t have associated buying intent you will get traffic but no conversions. Amazon data and research should drive your choices

3) Am I targeting the right keywords in my ad campaigns?

You don’t want to pay for traffic that doesn’t convert into sales. You need to target branded keywords (if you are branded in the market) and buying search terms to be sure your traffic converts. Aim for the bootom of the funnel.

4) Is my ACOST good?

ACOST is a metric that shows the cost of your Amazon ad spend vs. the income generated by the paid traffic. It’s expressed as a percentage. The lower the better. A 100% ACOST means for every 1 dollar spent 1 dollar was made. If you aren’t monitoring and optimizing your marketing campaigns to minimize your ACOST you are wasting advertising dollars.

5) Have I examined the relevant keyword search volume for my industry or product?

What do your competitors rank for? What are the buying terms for your industry? How many searches on Amazon per month for these terms?

6) Do I know how much my competitors are selling monthly and if so how do I compare?

If they are selling a lot more than you are, you’ll want to find out why that is. Factors could include, price, the prime badge, not winning the buy box etc. We have access to this information and can assist.

7) Am I winning the buy box?

You need to understand the factors involved and adjust your listings accordingly. Most sales go through the buy box. If you aren’t there you aren’t selling what you could be selling.

8) Is my pricing competitive?

If not why not? Do you offer something my competitors don’t? Better shipping, service or product quality for example?

9) Is my shipping and fulfillment method the best for my business?

FBA vs. FBM or a hybrid. We can help you sort out pros and cons.

How did you score?

If you answered no (or I don’t know) to any of the questions above, that’s good news! That means you probably could be selling more on Amazon.

We get calls from existing clients every week and we look at their existing Amazon Seller Account and see immediately that there is room for improvement. That’s good news. That means there are opportunities for sales and profit. Hopefully, this list helped you identify areas that need improvement or research.

We’re here to help. We’re Amazon Seller Consultants.

Think you could be selling more on Amazon? It’s free to find out. Give us a call and we’ll review your listings and do a competitive market analysis for your industry. We’ll know right away if there’s room for improvement.

Don’t worry, if you are already optimized well, or there aren’t good opportunities for improvement, we’ll tell you that as well.

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