The secret to selling well on Amazon

The biggest secret to selling well on Amazon (it’s not what you think)

The secret to selling well on Amazon

Q. What’s the Amazon Seller secret to success?

A. Hire an Amazon Consulting Agency.

That’s it. That’s the answer in a nutshell. Well, you probably want more info to support such a bold claim, so here goes.

Early on in our business, we did our own taxes in order to save a few dollars. Eventually, it got more and more complex so I hired a CPA. Wow!! We should have done this A LOT sooner. Surprise surprise, a professional expert saved us more money than he cost us.

It’s EXACTLY the same when you hire a professional Amazon Marketing firm.

Amazon like’s to say it’s easy to sell on Amazon, and that’s sort of true, it’s easy to set up an account and start selling, however, it’s NOT at all easy to do it well. Most do-it-yourself Amazon sellers only sell a fraction of what they could be selling.

The biggest misconception about hiring an Amazon marketing/consulting firm is that it will end up costing you more when in fact, in the long run, you will be so much more profitable by allowing experts to manage your Amazon channel.

The benefits massively outweigh the costs.

3 things to keep in mind:

1 – We like happy clients. Before we take on a client we do a full channel review and competitive analysis. If we don’t think we can help you improve sales we will tell you. Sometimes the market on Amazon for a given product is too competitive, or your margins are too small, or any number of additional challenges that might make it unlikely for us to help you succeed. If we can’t help you we will tell you.


2 – If we say we can help you we mean it. After your market analysis is complete if we tell you we can increase your sales performance we mean it. We only accept clients that we believe we can help. Usually it only takes a few minutes to find out whether there are opportunities for improvement.

3 – We have years of experience helping clients like you. If you aren’t an expert in e-commerce, Amazon SEO, Amazon conversion rates, listing optimization, EBC, 1P, 3P, FBM, FBA and the various methods of advertising on and off platform then you should trust the future of your sales to people who have expertise in these areas. This is what we do.

The bottom line is, we firmly believe you will have more success selling well on Amazon if you hire us as your Amazon Consultant than you would without us.

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