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Amazon is a giant search engine that utilizes complex algorithms to control the search results. When Amazon SEO is done right it can be the difference between 10 sales or 10,000 sales.  As an Amazon consultant we’ve built thousands of listings with that in mind, increasing Amazon sales is what we do, helping you rank higher is one of the first steps. If you’d like to chat about how we can help optimize your listings click here for a free consultation. Below are a few tips on how to rank well on Amazon.

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What does an Optimized Product Detail Page look like?

When talking about Amazon SEO there are many driving factors that cause a listing to rank higher or lower than others. Understanding the importance of keyword placement throughout the listing is key.

Title: Certain areas of the product detail page hold more weight than others. The most heavily weighted single item is the listing title. The title’s visibility throughout Amazon is prominent and has a strong influence on the consumer’s click-through rates. The title needs to be relevant to what the customer is searching for to have the best chance of conversion.         

Bullets: Coming in second in the race for Amazon product rankings are the product bullet points.  This is the section where you want to highlight the benefits of the product and really paint a nice picture for the customer so they can envision themselves using and enjoying the product. Focus this section on the customer and what they should know about what you’re selling.

Description: The description is another area that isn’t as heavily weighted as the title for keywords. However, it’s a great opportunity to tell the story about your brand and product. Showcase how your product stands out among the rest and can help improve the consumers life. (Utilize EBC if available)

Backend Keywords: Backend Keywords are the area where keywords matter and you have limited space to work with. You are restricted to 250 characters, so ensure you’re not duplicating any words or using commas. This should be an area where you are only inputting keywords that you want to index for on Amazon.

Imagery:  As the number of mobile shoppers continues to grow, and the competition for their attention increases, having quality images for you Amazon product listings is a must. On mobile listings, images are some of the first things the consumer will see when looking through your product detail page. Make sure the main image truly represents the product, and if you’re able add lifestyle images of people enjoying your product. Depending on the product category, infographics and size charts can be very helpful for answering any questions the customer may have before purchasing the product.  

A Detail Page that contains all these key attributes will be considered to be 100% Optimized.

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