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5 reasons you need an Amazon Agency

1) An Amazon Agency will save you time

Saves You TimeOur AMZ agency will manage nearly every aspect of your Amazon channel including:

Amazon Marketing – Campaigns and Optimization

This includes help with budgeting, campaign set-up and determining what kind of ads will benefit your product listings the most. Our goal is to bring in the most sales for a low ACOS to maximize your return on ad spend while at the same time growing your organic ranking (see below). We check our clients campaigns daily to be sure everything is optimized. Frequent analysis is beneficial as Amazon ad results and competition can change at a moments notice and we want to avoid any wasted spend.

Improving Organic ranking

See below for more details. Numerous factors effect organic ranking and SEO on Amazon including how your marketing campaigns are structured and how well your listing is optimized.

Product launches

From product conception and research to final launch on the AMZ platform we assist our clients every step of the way. We can do a market analysis for you prior to product launch to assist in determining the best products and price to bring to market based on competition, your COGS, margins and other factors.

Product listings and optimization

Optimizing your product listings on Amazon is integral to the future success of your brand on the platform. Everything from SEO to sales conversion rate is effected by your listing, pricing, product images, info graphics, bullets points and product title and headline. We research the best options for your product based on search volume and competition to be sure your product is maximizing success.

Product images and info graphics

We have an experienced team of designers and copywriters available to work on your account as part of our standard service plan. G Creative started in 2002 as a design and advertising firm, and we have a team of creatives with expertise in photoshop, illustrator and more.

Winning the buy box

If you don’t win the buy box your sales will drop immediately, it also removed your ability to run ads for your your product. A broad range of issues can impact your buy box percentage, as an Amazon agency we specialize in identifying and resolving whatever issues your listings may be having. We will work with Amazon on your behalf to insure your product is winning the buy box as often as possible.

Inventory planning

The greatest product in the world, supported by a perfect marketing and SEO strategy will not do well if there is no inventory and the customer is unable to purchase your product. We assist our clients in identifying trends and determining how much of any given product needs to be sent in and when. This is one of the many ways our AMZ agency will help you maximize profits on the AMZ platform.

Product pricing

On Amazon pricing is one of the most important factors determining the success of your product. Think if it this way, imagine a website where every visitor is there to purchase, however every page is filled with the opportunity for your potential customer to click away from your listing and check out your competition. A good Amazon agency will help their clients analyze their competitors listings, pricing, and brand following to help determine the best price to maximize profitable sales and win market share from your competitors.

2) An Amazon Agency will increase your sales

Check out our case studies. We routinely increase sales and profitability for our clients through managing a broad range of services. Yes we can save your team a ton of time handling all the tasks and issues related to your Amazon channel but our biggest benefit is increasing sales. Its not uncommon for us to have increases of 25-100% in sales month over month. We do this through proven methods of on platform marketing married with a strong Amazon SEO strategy. Our main focus and our key performance indicator is the growth of your total sales.

Whether you are a new brand working to build market share and brand awareness or a proven brand thats already driving hundreds of thousands in sales revenue on the Amazon platform we have the tools and expertise to grow your sales and Amazon profitability. Each of our clients is assigned their personal account manager located at our offices in Las Vegas. You’ll get consistent and personalized service and communication from your account manager as well as the support of our team of designers and marketing experts.

3) An Amazon Agency will improve your organic ranking

Amazon Organic Ranking ImprovementAlthough Amazon is similar to Google in that it’s a giant search engine, it behaves differently than Google. As a result, things you might do on Google to increase sales could actually HURT your organic ranking and sales on Amazon. Did you know if you set up your Amazon campaigns incorrectly you can actually damage your organic ranking? Amazon is focused on delivering the best user experience for each visitor and showing them the product they’re most likely to purchase. The Amazon platform is alway looking to see which products are selling and which products aren’t, consequently if you drive a lot of traffic to your listing and the conversion rate is high Amazon will assume your product isn’t desirable and will lower your organic ranking. As a result Amazon marketing is actually a tool that can make or break your organic ranking the growth of your sales.

We are Amazon marketing experts and know all the tricks to increase your sales and your organic ranking and avoid overspending or reducing traffic. This understanding of how Amazon differs from Google is an example of why you may need a specialized Amazon agency to deliver best results for your brand,

4) An Amazon Agency knows things most sellers don’t

Agency Knowledge of AmazonYou know more about your product and your business than anyone but wouldn’t it be great to have someone on your team that has worked with hundreds of brands on Amazon? We’ve learned so much from testing techniques and methods over the years that we know what will work and what doesn’t. It’s a depth of knowledge that would be difficult to get any other way. We are experts in the field and in fact if we believe your product will NOT succeed on amazon we won’t accept you as a client.

If you’re interested in knowing whether you’d be a good fit please give us a call and schedule a free initial consultation. If you really want the best results on the Amazon platform find the best AMZ agency you can, they know things through years of experience that aren’t known by most in-house Ecommerce teams. In fact it may be surprising to know we often know more than the customer support team members at Amazon. Sometime when we open support cases for our clients this extra knowledge of how the system works on their end allows us to solve problems that might be impossible for less experienced Amazon sellers.

5) An Amazon Agency doesn’t cost as much as you might think

AMZ agency costsOur monthly base retainer may be lower than you think! How is it that we can beat our competitors pricing? It’s very simple, we only charge more than our affordable base retainer IF we grow your sales! Our pay is performance based, which makes us your partner. G Creative has grown year after year through bringing success to our family of clients.


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