Amazon Buy Box

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

Example of Amazon Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box is the add to cart button on a product detail page. This is how shoppers can add an item to their cart or 1-Click purchasing. There are several factors that can help you win the Buy Box. Some are offering the best price, being the brand owner, having Prime shipping. Only when you are winning the Buy Box will your Sponsored Product Ads run. Part of our Amazon Seller Consulting Services is helping you win the buy box.

Amazon Buy Box How To

How do I win the Amazon Buy Box?

Here are a few Amazon Consultant Tips. 

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Ship on Time and Try to be Prime

The seller the ships fast and correctly gains the advantage when competing for the buy box. Amazon prime sellers increase their chances as well. So work to get your prime badge and make sure you don’t accidentally send any shipments out late.

Offer Competitive Pricing

If your pricing is on par with (or better yet beats) your competitor’s pricing you’re on your way to winning the buy box.

Go FBA if you can

Products that are fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) in many cases gain the advantage over FBM. It depends on the brand and the industry.

Make Sure Your Customer Experience is Great. Especially if you are FBM.

Make sure your Amazon customers are happy! This is good ecommerce business advice in general of course but to help in the battle for the box you want to be sure your customers get their goods on time and you respond to any issues they may have in a timely manner.

The Amazon Buy Box is just one part of maximizing your success on Amazon.

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