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Amazon Marketing Agency

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The G Creative team has years of marketing experience on Amazon and the platform is always changing. Understanding the best strategy for your products and keeping up with new Amazon advertising and marketing options as well as off platform tactics can be tricky. That’s where we come in, we’re an Amazon marketing agency. With proven methods and a winning track record, G Creative can build out a marketing strategy that will deliver results.

Amazon Advertising | Campaign Types and Tips.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are a must when driving traffic to further your brand or increase your product listing’s discoverability on the Amazon platform. Competition on Amazon is continuing to increase so driving the right kind of traffic from Pay-Per-Click has never been more important. We can help you to both control spend and maintain a healthy ROI.


Automatic campaigns rely on Amazon’s algorithm to gather keyword data. Then Amazon targets the most relevant terms relative to the product your advertising, based on the way the customer is shopping on Amazon. All manual campaigns should have an automatic campaign running in conjunction with the manual campaign but at a much lower bid amount. Automatic Amazon advertising campaigns are the only type that can target competitors ASINs and will run sponsored ads on a competitors listing if the algorithm deems it is relevant.


Manual Amazon advertising campaigns are created after an automatic campaign has been running and has established keywords that are driving clicks and conversions. Manual campaigns provide more control over the keyword level bid amount, and the Broad, Phrase, or Exact match of the desired keyword depending on the relevance.  


Headline Search Ads (HSA)

Headline Search Ads are available with Amazon Brand Registry and are showcased at the top of the search results. When creating the headline search ad you have more control over the content and images being advertised. There is an option to send traffic to a landing page for selected products or to an Amazon Storefront made for your brand. Focus on using engaging messages to drive more attention to the ad.  


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