How to Succeed On Amazon

How to Succeed on Amazon

Here are a few tips for how to succeed on Amazon from

1 – Be willing to invest in customer acquisition, especially in the beginning, when you’re building your sales.

Too many times we see clients who want to turn a profit on month 1. The fact is it takes time to build your brand and rank well on Amazon, part of the strategy is to build your organic traffic over time but this often requires an investment in advertising dollars. Even if to start with your aren’t profiting on each sale, be sure to take into account the long term value of new customer aqcuisition and building up your Amazon traffic.

2 – If you have the trademark for your brand. Build out your EBC or A+ content.

This gives you additional real-estate to tell your brand story as well as opening additional Amazon advertising tactics that are only available to brand registered sellers.

3 – Build out your listings according to best practices

Be sure to build out your listing using Amazon best practices, make sure your first featured image has the product cropped out on a white background. Make sure you have good descriptive bullet points that cover all the keywords you want to target in your organic and paid traffic. Include lifestyle photos of people using your products if available.

4 – Work to get the prime badge

Make sure your fulfillment solution delivers on time and without errors. If you can’t deliver fast enough using FBM, consider using FBA, at least in the beginning, when you are still an unproven seller

5 – Provide great customer service

Don’t forget the simple but all-important need for great customer service. Amazon is all about providing a great customer experience. Be sure to address any customer complaints in a timely manner and deliver more than expected as a matter of policy.

6 – Reach out to experts if needed

Just like trying to do your own accounting and taxes, at some point, it saves you money when you hire a professional to handle all the details. If you’re looking for a helping hand, we’re really good at delivering results. Learn More.


Simple and easy right? Of course, that’s just the beginning, but that’s a good starting list of tips on how to succeed on Amazon.

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