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We’re Amazon Seller Consultants

Amazon seller consulting starts with a conversation to understand what your goals are on the Amazon Marketplace. We’ll work with you to understand more about your product and determine your target audience. Our team will then start to research and evaluate the marketplace for competitors to see where there are opportunities beat the competition.

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How do we increase your Amazon sales?

G Creative offers a range of tactics and techniques targeted around delivering increased sales through amazon seller central.

Amazon SEO

Mazimizing discoverability and Amazon SEO ranking is a top priority on the path to increasing sales. Learn More About Amazon SEO

Amazon paid advertising

Amazon offer several options to promote your products and/or your storefront, but without the proper knowledge and attention these methods can turn into a profit drain rather than a profit gain. Pour experience and proven methods will keep your ROI growing. Learn more about Amazon Advertising

Off platform marketing

One secret to growing traffic and improving page rank is to drive traffic to your products and listings from outside sources like facebook advertising campaigns and PPC tactics. Amazon sees this traffic and the subsequent sales and your placements improve. It’s one of the many tricks we have to help our Amazon seller clients

Winning the buy box

The buy box is important to increasing conversions, but you have to set up several aspects of your listings properly to win it. It’s very competitive. Only when you are winning the Buy Box will your Sponsored Product Ads run. Learn More about the Amazon Buy Box

Product Photography

Amazon user behavior data shows customers browse product photos more than they read product descriptions. Having good images of your products is imperative to the success of any Amazon seller. Amazon Consultant offers product photography services for our Amazon partners to ensure your product has the highest visibility and sales likelihood.

Reasons you need high-quality product photography:

• High-quality photos have a direct correlation with sales conversions

• Make your products stand out over competitors

• Most Amazon users browse photos first after landing on a product page

• Photos are useful across all your platforms – website, social media, email, etc.

Social Media Management

Social media is one of the best ways to supplement and enhance sales in your Amazon store. With a robust social media presence, you can drive the ideal way to search for your products: branded searches. These are searches where the customer searches for your brand by name, excluding competitor products. Amazon Consultant offers effortless social media management to supplement your eCommerce strategy, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Reasons you need social media:

• The quickest and most direct way to communicate with your customers

• Build loyalty and repeat sales with existing customers

• Drive Amazon searches for your brand-name, excluding competitors

• Great tool to announce sales promotions, coupons, and special offers

Amazon Seller Consulting Case Studies

Other Amazon Seller Consulting services include:

Product launches

Inventory Management

Listing management

Account Set-Up

Product launches

Case Management & Resolution

Monthly Reporting

Promotion/ Coupon Setups

Catalog Clean Up/ Maintenance

Brand Registry 2.0

Optimized Listing Content

Datafeed and Listing Management

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

And more…

Getting Started

Step one is to set up a discovery call with us, we’re more than happy to do a free listing analysis and determine where we may be able to increase your sales. We have a proven path to success working with amazon sellers just like you and the costs are scalable.

We’ll provide you a review and a recommendation based on our research and discuss whether we can make a difference as your Amazon seller consultant

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